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We buy various types of tungsten carbide tools, especially from partners in the field of road construction, foundation drilling, recycling, mining and tunnel construction worldwide. We are currently buying from 27 countries around the world. We process and recycle the purchased material in our own plants in the Czech Republic so that it can return to the production of new machinery and equipment in the form of pure metals. You can clearly contribute with us to reducing the environmental burden associated with their further mining.

Where we buy from

We buy material for recycling in 27 countries around the world and we are constantly expanding our global reach. We are able to pick up your material anywhere in the world.

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GTS Recycling program

By long-term involvement in the GTS recycling program you:

  • contribute to the protection of the environment
  • get the highest possible value for your waste material
  • don’t have to worry about anything, we will arrange the removal of the material and complete all formalities

GTS Recycling Program is a comprehensive service where the partner only passes on his agreed and paid material. GTS – Global Tungsten Solution ensures the transport of purchased worn-out material from any country in the world.

Our production plants

The actual processing and recycling takes place in our plants in the Czech Republic.

What we buy

We buy various types of tungsten carbide tools worn during the construction and service of roads and highways, drilling foundations, drilling wells, building tunnels and various mining. The most common materials include