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Join the Global Tungsten Solution recycling program. You will contribute to the protection of the environment and benefit by increasing the value of your worn-out material.

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    15. September 2021

    We are strengthening in other European countries

    As part of our continued expansion, we have strengthened our business structure in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. The reason is simple. We want to be closer even to our smaller clients and provide them with a complete service.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is carbide?
    Sintered carbide is a hard and abrasion-resistant material made by sintering hard metal carbides. It is mainly used for the production of tools – machining, forming and other highly stressed parts. It most often consists of tungsten carbide (the chemical formula of WC) and metallic cobalt, from which it is produced using powder metallurgy – sintering.
    We buy material with a minimum carbide content of 4% for mining and 6.5% for road tips. The quality of the material, i.e. the percentage of carbide in the tool/head, is confirmed based on our years of experience, usually immediately during a personal visit and inspection of the material. If we are unsure about the quality of the material, we will make an offer based on photographs or analysis of your samples, which we will either collect in person or have collected at our expense by a company such as DHL Express.
    The minimum purchase quantity is set as one ton of material (i.e. about 70 original boxes / 1 pallet / 2 barrels / 1x IBC, etc.). If there are several suppliers in the vicinity, the minimum purchase quantity can be agreed on individually.
    If we are unsure about the quality of the material, we will make an offer based on samples, which we will either collect ourselves or have collected by a company such as DHL Express. The price of the material then varies depending on its quality, i.e. the percentage of carbide and the current market price. We always offer the highest possible price!!! We can also offer a price by estimation, pay you an advance invoice and then, after transport/processing, send you the best and most accurate possible price for your shipment. Thus, we will avoid further possible discussion, whether we have not correctly estimated the quality of the material – and the surcharge or arrears will be settled in the next shipment.
    We weigh the material either during a personal visit using our portable but certified scales or, by agreement, on your scales. If none of these versions can be applied, we accept unweighted material upon agreement (even against an advance payment). We will transport it, process it and give you the best and most accurate possible price for the entire shipment. This also sets the basis for further trading.
    We are a very tolerant and flexible company. We accept weighing slips from public weighing bridges and your own scales. In addition, upon agreement, we accept unweighed cargo, for which we assume compliance with the quality of the sample. We will subsequently confirm the weight by weighing it again on our certified scales.
    Our business is based primarily on mutual trust and "Our customer, our master". The material is paid for against your advance/final invoice before shipment, so you have both the material and the payment on the account at the same time.
    We accept what is for you the easiest and cheapest solution, capable of both domestic and overseas transport according to local customs. We buy and transport used tools in original boxes on pallets, big-bags, closed barrels (with drainage holes, i.e. without water and oil), pallet "enclosures", IBC containers for liquids and also as bulk cargo. As for the style of packaging, the goods must be secured and fixed to prevent movement. If pallets are used, they must be made of plastic or fumigated for sea transport if they are made of wood.
    The relevant domestic transport is provided by our logistics department, usually either by our own means of transport or in cooperation with a local logistics partner – depending on the continent. As for overseas transport, we will be happy to use your services for loading the container directly in your yard. In terms of collection frequency, we usually make regular round trips for more efficient logistics – or if there is sufficient volume for a full truckload or container, we will pick up the material on request.
    We prefer not to have any complaints, therefore we accept minor discrepancies, though we will inform you about them. But if the weight of the material deviates significantly from the declared weight or if the material is otherwise degraded (e.g. due to the content of water, oil; a higher content of various types of waste, holders or material without carbide), we will suggest an adjustment for the next shipment. However, if you do not anticipate it, we will issue a debit note and demand compensation.
    Frequently asked questions