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French road construction picks are recycled in the Czech Republic

Another regular collection of material from France confirmed that French companies care about the environment and are happy to use the quality of GTS - Global Tungsten Solution services.

Every regular collection of material for recycling in our plants brings a lot of worn carbide material. The growing number of crates, barrels and pallets reflects the fact that more and more companies are not indifferent to the state of our planet. After all, so little is enough. After the standard replacement of the pickss on your road milling cutters, you leave the old ground picks aside in any packaging. Just like at home, you set aside plastic packaging. You will only exchange information about the current quantity with our representative and he will take care of everything else.

  • Significantly more money will land on your account than you would receive for a scrap sale
  • We will arrange the formalities and transport
  • In addition, you can obtain a certificate of your ecological waste management guaranteed by an internationally recognized authority

Do you also want to participate in the GTS recycling program? Let us know and we will make sure that we become long-term satisfied partners.

15. June 2021