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Strategic workshop GTS – Global Tungsten Solution

GTS strategic workshop was held today. We focused on definition of the further direction and development of the GTS Global Tungsten Solution. With the participation of the owner of the company, regional managers and the strategic and marketing specialist of Trigama, we started cooperation to define the marketing strategy in each individual target market.

The aim of this workshop was to identify target markets, presentation of the basic strategy and forms of addressing potential clients.

Our company is going through a challenging (pandemic) period due to the situation on global markets and therefore we decided to invest in the expansion of the company and support managers in different regions of the world with a marketing campaign that will use all modern technologies.

We are a company that is aware of its position on the market and we are determined to further strengthen our position and offer value-added service for our clients.

We are proud to be part of global environmental protection. Efficient use of natural resources is our passion and our work.

31. May 2021