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We are expanding our partner network in the UK

At the turn of June and July, we visited our partners across the UK. This was not only a standard part of our long-term relationships but also a part of our current expansion. We have made further progress in expanding the entire partner network.

For many years, the United Kingdom has been the region from which GTS – Global Tungsten Solution imports used carbide material for recycling. British companies care about how their used tools are being recycled and want to be sure that the carbide we buy from them will end up in the production of the new tools.

Cooperation, which has been running with most companies for many years, is very simple. All they have to do is to collect the used tools, such as the picks from road milling machines, in a container that can be transported on a standard pallet. We take care of the rest. We always pay for the material before the actual collection, then collect it and handle all formalities related to transport. The result is a satisfaction of both parties. At the same time, we close the circle in which valuable natural resources are being reused in the production of the new tools.

Protect the environment – Recycle with GTS – Global Tungsten Solution.

7. July 2021