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Recycle used tools with Global Tungsten Solution and help protect the environment

We hear words like recycling and sustainability from all sides, and few of us have only one trash can at home. We sort plastics, paper and many other materials. The need to make the most of the materials our planet makes available to us is undoubtedly even where tungsten carbide tools are used.

Its mining significantly burdens the landscape, because in order to obtain only one kilogram of tungsten, it is necessary to extract about half a ton of tungsten ore.

However, used tungsten carbide tools, which often end up in scrap as an iron mixture, often contain enough material that can be reused in the production of new tools.

At GTS, we can save 99.99% of tungsten from used tools by proper recycling and return it to the production chain. By joining this program, you help us to make the most of the potential of already extracted materials and thus protect the environment from massive mining.

30. April 2021